No.1 Real Ale Trail

Crown to Town, or the Oundle Road crawl? Some beer lovers have itchy feet, not satisfied with just one pub, their adventurous spirit demands that they head out and find what the craic in the next pub is.

Peterborough CAMRA have always organised monthly pub visits and readers of their magazine Beer Around ‘Ere are regaled with pictures and tales of these beery days out.

Following from lots of chats with local publicans, all with with an eye on collaboration and joint events, Five of Peterborough’s pubs have put together an easy to follow Ale Trail.  These have proved very popular in other towns like Norwich and Newark

We are 5 Peterborough Free houses with a shared love of quality beers, and joined by a very convenient bus route! Between us we have won more awards for the quality of our beers and ciders than you can shake a stick at.

The idea is simplicity itself, print off a flyer from the Facebook page, or pick one up in any of the pubs below.  Get a stamp for the purchase of a pint or equivalent in each pub on the trail and collect your unique metal pin badge on completion.  

The connection between the pubs is of course the Number 1 bus route – starting in town and going up to Werrington.  A day rider works out about £4.50 at the moment and the Stagecoach App or their online journey planner makes finding out times and maps a doddle.

For more information visit our Facebook page, or pop into any of the pubs.

This is phase one – hopefully we can add other routes and make a city wide trail eventually!


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